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Asset Management

Data Evaluation and Investment

Macroeconomic Research

Research Volks International provides detailed, independent and unbiased macroeconomic research that includes a collection and analysis of a wide range of economic data. Our services include visualization and interpretation of macroeconomic research results, through the use of various analytical tools. The range of topics includes all aspects of macroeconomics, and our team works to derive the most realistic projections.

Industry Overview

Research Volks International provides in-depth industry overview and delivers the most comprehensive and detailed industry analysis, that includes: secondary data analysis, studying probabilities, discovering new competitors and evaluating old ones. Provided industry overview will help to design and plan strategies, according to the market main players.

Financial Modeling

Financial models are designed and developed to support business decisions with precise numbers. Our financial modeling services will provide insightful information, that will enable you to discover and find out the financial impact of the strategic decisions, also provide a basis for business plan development that will enable to make the most appropriate investment decisions.

Public Market Valuation

Our experts are ready to provide public market valuation services by using the most detailed approaches. Our market valuation methods help to assess the market value of the business, any kind of intangible assets, interest gained by the business ownership, as well as marketable securities, by taking into account market prices for comparable businesses or assets that are recently traded in the market or are still available. The scope of the public market valuation services includes also the valuation of price-related indicators, including sales, earnings and book values.

Discounted Cash Flow

The scope of our financial services includes the provision of discounted cash flows valuation for any business model. Since this method of financial analysis is used to estimate the value of an investment, in response to and based on the businesses’ future cash flows, this valuation will enable to figure out the value of the business today, based on projections of how much money the business will generate in the future.

Sensitivity Analysis

Sensitivity analysis is essential part of business planning, especially when dealing with very complex financial planning, and our experts are here to provide the most feasible sensitivity analysis for your businesses. Sensitivity analysis is very useful tool for business owners and enables them to test the strength of the businesses’ financial results in the existence of uncertainty.

Analyzing Deal Viability

Deal viability analysis will enable to review business or company-related significant data and define whether the business or the project offers substantial profit margins, which is an important indicator for business or company owner.

Business Due Diligence

Business Due diligence is the process of reviewing and studying all available information and data related to the business. Research Volks International provides detailed due diligence services, which ensures that all business-related financial and legal issues are in favorable condition and will not provide any unpleasant disclosers.

Return Analysis

Return analysis is an essential part of businesses’ financial and investment planning since it provides information on expected return on investment. Our analysts will help you to develop not only the most feasible financial models but also will conduct return analysis, to present the big picture, starting from today’s investments up to future returns.

Asset Management

Growing the Portfolio

Performance monitoring of portfolio companies and comparable

Our performance monitoring of portfolio companies’ services includes real-time monitoring and evaluation of the businesses or the company’s operating environment. The range of sub-services included in this service is long-term trend analysis, problem estimation, best practices solutions, entire network evaluation, internal and external resources utilization.

Broker Research summaries

Our experts will provide detailed broker research summaries, that will help to deliver the best and qualified research to the clients and diminish the overloading in the broking business. Our experts will provide broker research summaries, that includes detailed analysis of the brokerage market, provide recommendations and target price projections.

Updating Models

A well designed financial model will accurately reflect the expense items of a company, as well as the revenue of products. It will contain a balance sheet, income statement, and cash flow statement; additionally, it will dynamically update as the various underlying assumptions change.

Macroeconomic Research & Update

Our economists conduct precise macroeconomic researches and provide any required updates, referring both to macroeconomic policies and activities as well as data.

Presentation to Portfolio Company Management

Research Volks International is ready to provide the most detailed and qualified presentations to portfolio company management, by providing information for clients about investments in different equity portfolios. By taking into consideration clients’ or investors’ goals on doing portfolio investment, our experts will work to provide the most satisfactory and best offer for their future investments, that will meet the client’s expectations. Afterward, our experts will help clients to make the most appropriate and profitable decision regarding the allocation of funds.

Investment Banks


Creating Whitepapers / Case Studies / Newsletters

Our experts are eager to create the best Whitepapers, Case Studies, and Newsletters for your organization. These services will help you to have an ideal presentation on your hand, that will differentiate you in the market, and become an integral part of your sales strategy.

Writing Press Releases

We provide press release writing services and always follow that the press release written by us are in the right format and reading well since it needs to be accepted by media. Our writers conduct all required research and editing activities and provide final version of the press release to you, after checking whether it meets your objectives or requirements, or not.

Investment Banks

Deal Sourcing

Industry Landscaping & Research

Our experts are here to provide industry landscaping and comprehensive research. Through this service, we provide information on the industry’s market size, any required information to implement analysis in the required fields. These services will enable you to understand market dynamics, have a deeper understanding of competition and operating supply chain in the industry, moreover, will provide an opportunity to benchmark industry performance against your business.

In-Depth Market Analysis

Research Volks International offers in-depth market analysis, that covers market and its segments. These analyses provide information on market products and services, technology, competitors, market supply and demand, current trends and projections. We also provide information regarding the specific market’s operational and financial management, market strategy and human resources.

Company Profiling and Benchmarking

Company profiling and benchmarking enables to assess company’s current situation and become able to compare company’s performance to the industry’s other players. These services will help also to improve the company’s performance, by finding and applying best-explored practices to sales and operational activities.

Creating Periodic Industry Newsletters

Our researchers provide the most detailed periodic industry newsletters, which includes findings from industry analysis, recent developments, industry trends, internal and external competition, etc. These periodic newsletters could be provided by monthly, quarterly or yearly basis.

Investment Banks


Financial Modeling & Assumption Validation

Research Volks International offers financial modeling and assumption validation services, based on detailed structure and proved assumptions. Financial modeling services include detailed development of financial statements. Since assumption validation is an important part of effectively managing risks, our specialists validate them beforehand, prior to starting a financial modeling process. At first, assumptions are being gathered from clients, then identified and classified, according to their categories, after all, validated by groups.

LBO & DCF Modeling

Research Volks International offers LBO and DCF modeling, which are two ways of valuing a company, that may be in diverse situations. Both of the financial modeling methods are being conducted by highly experienced financial specialists, and in the most detailed way.

Operational Modeling

Operational Modeling services enable to provide the business strategy, after which it becomes a scheme, that shows, how business operates through several domains to deliver its objectives. This model provides framework for implementing business operations, to ensure flexibility in major operating areas.

Merger Modeling

Through merger modeling, our experts analyze companies and/or businesses that are united as a result of a merger and acquisition process. To develop a merger model, at first, our company makes acquisition assumptions, projections, then a valuation of both businesses, afterward business combination and deal dilution.

Sensitivity Analysis

Research Volks International provides sensitivity analysis, as a tool for financial modeling, that enables to understand how different set of independent variables affect a specific dependent variable, within a given set of assumptions and constraints. These analyses include a wide range of sectors. These analyses might help to make projections, using historical true data.

Trading & Precedent Transaction Comparable Analysis

Our valuation services include trading and precedent transaction comparable analysis, where analysis develop an approximation how much stock share will worth in case of an acquisition. This analysis relies on publicly available information, and analysis looks at the type of investors that have invested or bayed similar companies, within the same circumstances as this company is.

Fairness Opinion

As qualified investment advisors, our company experts provide Fairness Opinion services, which is for evaluation of the businesses or company’s prices during merger or acquisitions, carving out, spin-off, or another type of purchase. This opinion is related to the price, that is being offered by the buyer, and includes fairness of terms and conditions to the company’s shareholders.

Investment Banks

Deal Execution

Identifying Potential Buyers/Investors

Our experts are ready to identify potential buyers or investors for your businesses. We will find potential buyers or investors from a wide range of sectors, where we are well experienced. Our wide spread network in different industries will help to make your objectives of finding potential buyers or investors to become a reality.

Financial Statement Analysis

Financial statement analysis service provides a comprehensive picture of company's financial statements, which will serve mainly for decision-making purposes. These analyses are useful both for internal and external users, in the case, when internal users view it as a monitoring tool for managing the company’s financial activities, and external users consider it to understand the overall health of the organization, also evaluate the business value and financial performance.

Term Sheet Evaluation

Our company experts provide the most comprehensive and detailed evaluation of term sheets. Since the term sheet is an agreement, that provides basic terms and conditions, considering which, investments will be made, it is highly important to evaluate it, until it will be put into action, and our experts are here to help on dealing with this document.

Enquiry Research

Financial Modeling

Creating & Maintaining Company Models

Dealing with long-term clients includes the creation and maintenance of financial models, which we do on a monthly, quarterly and yearly basis. Our specialists always follow the changes in the client’s financial models and keep these records for the future.

Responding to Requests for Models and Data Analysis

Our data analysis team is always prepared to respond to the development of any data model and conduct analysis. We are always flexible about changes in international data analysis methodologies and ready to prepare the most appropriate analytical reports.

Updating Financial Statement Data and Assumptions Post Earnings

Being experts in the field of financial analysis and modeling, Research Volks International provides updates in financial statements and post earnings assumptions. We may provide regular updating services, according to your requirements, on a monthly, quarterly or yearly basis.

Ad-hoc Analysis Projects

Research Volks International provides ad-hoc analysis, that is being developed according to specific business purpose or necessity. This enables to receive answers to the most critical business questions. These analyses are usually conducted for single-use purposes.

Enquiry Research

Industry Analysis

Preparing Industry Research Report

Before investing in industry’s one of the sectors, our experts will develop industry research reports according to your specific objectives. These researches enable to understand industry trends, benefits, challenges, the number of players, etc., that will help to make right and profitable decisions.

Analysis of Macroeconomic Trends and Financial Markets

Macroeconomic trends have the greatest influence on the industries since their impact is tangible not only in a country and local level but globally. Before doing any investment and starting a project, it is necessary to conduct microeconomic trends and financial markets analysis, both in the local context and global.

Industry Diligence and Primary Research through surveys, conference calls with Industry experts

The scope of our research services includes primary data collection and analysis, through surveys, conference calls and focus group meetings with industry experts. Industry diligence and primary research provide the most accurate and comprehensive information, gathered specifically from industry players.

Industry News Breakdown & Stock/Sector Impact Research Notes

Research Volks International is always in touch with industry news and is ready to provide industry news breakdown according to the client’s request. Being engaged in many industry sectors, our experts provide the most accurate and important news breakdown, also develop sector impact research notes.

Enquiry Research

Corporate Access

Creating Marketing Presentations

Making the most attractive and informative presentations is our job! We develop the most professional and eye-catching marketing presentations, according to the client’s objective and required branding style.

Preparing Investor Profiles

Our experts will help you to prepare your investor profile, which will help to identify the most appropriate investment for you. Investment profile will enable to evaluate some components while doing investment, including your goals, objectives, investment horizon, while also observing your risk tolerance.

Hedge Funds

Customized Models based on key business drivers

Our experts provide the most accurate and feasible customized business models. During the development of the models, key business drivers are being considered, which enables them to ensure, that models are developed according to specific business needs and requirements.

Quarterly earnings preview analysis

As a part of hedge funds services, our company develops quarterly earnings preview analysis. These analyses provide an opportunity to be in touch with the changes in the earnings, quarterly, which is essential in a case when the company’s strategy and financial management activities are going to be reviewed and updated.

Post Earnings Review and Model Assumptions Update

As soon as businesses' current earnings become known, our experts may conduct post earning review, after which will model the assumptions update technique. This information is highly meaningful for the company or business owners, as well as for investors.

Acquisition/Divestiture Modeling

Research Volks International provides a whole range of acquisition/divestiture modeling services. These services include support for business’s or company’s due diligence, analysis of financial and operational synergies, evaluation of future capital structures, joint ventures, strategic alliances, as well as advice for buying or selling businesses or companies.

Creating Research Reports

Our researchers and statisticians provide detailed research reports, according to client-specific requirements. Our research reports are being developed according to specific requirements for document formatting. Moreover, they comply with the academic requirements and contain all required sections, including summary, introduction or background, methodology, findings, results-based analysis, discussion, and conclusions.

Correlation Analysis

As a part of hedge funds services, Research Volks International develops correlation analysis, according to the client's specific requirements. Our experts use correlation analysis as a statistical evaluation method that enables to study relationships between two continuous and numerically measured variables. These analyses enable to identify if there are any significant connections, trends or patterns between studied variables.

Debt Structure and Leverage Analysis

Our financial experts examine the company’s or businesses' debt structure and conduct detailed leverage analysis. Through the leverage analysis, we methodologically classify the data provided in the financial statement, and according to the available accounting and financial data, we will identify the financial strength or weaknesses of your company or business.

Cash Flow and Recovery Model

Research Volks International is highly experienced in the development of cash flow and recovery models. Based on our cash flow and projections methodologies, we develop the most accurate and relevant cash flows and based on the received results we develop the most beneficial recovery model.

Country Risk Analysis

Country risk analysis provides essential information which is highly important for investing in foreign countries. Here the country risk is related to the risk of lending or investing in some specific country, that arises from any changes in the business environment in that country, which may unfavorably affect operating profits or asset values. Our experts will help to study all possible risks and consider all of them.

Credit Rating Models

Credit rating models provided by Research Volks International provides information about the credit quality of a borrower and act as a summary of numerous factors that specify the borrower’s probability. According to the importance of credit rating, especially in case of an investment, our experts will develop the most precise and accurate credit rating models, though which investment risk might be mitigated or decreased.

Sum of the Parts Analysis

Valuation of multi-divisional company, holdings or corporation is being mostly done through the sum of parts analysis. These analyses determine the value of each division if the company or corporation might be broken up or be acquired by another company.

Private Equity

Financial Modelling including M&A Modelling

Financial modeling helps to create an illustration of the company’s real-world financial situation. These models, including M&A modeling, enables to receive answers of financial situation (including financial assets, investments, projects, etc.) in the past, present or future situation. M&A modeling by itself provides an opportunity to analyze the financial profile of merged companies.

Business Valuations (DCF, Relative, LBO, SOTP, 409A etc.)

Our financial experts deliver business valuations that is developed to assess the economic value of a client’s interest in a business. This valuation service is mainly provided to financial market members, which enables to determine the exact price, they are willing to pay or receive as a result of business or company’s sale. Our valuation services include the company’s valuation by using DCF, LBO, SOTP and other valuation techniques.

Maintaining Operating Models

Research Volks International develops the most suitable and less costly operating models and performs the maintenance of these models. We develop operating models based on the company’s objectives, financial situation, structure, investment opportunities, operating departments, etc. We always consider the company’s operational possible potential before developing this model, after which we responsibly carry out the model’s operational maintenance.

Business Research

Our experts develop comprehensive business researches, that includes detailed information on all business areas. These researches enable us to determine which service or product is most demanded and highly profitable. This document also finds out opportunities and goals for businesses or companies.

Financial Research

Research Volks International provides customized financial research services for industry players in various sectors. Our financial research services enable to achieve quick and result-driven decision making, which enhances the company’s profitability and enables to mitigate from risks. Our research activities are based on in-depth analysis and a clear understanding of customer business and interests, along with changing international trends. Through our financial research services, we provide operational excellence, long-term growth plans, in-house analysis, and sooner paybacks.

Pitch Book Presentations

Our experts develop pitch book presentations according to the client’s objectives and requirements. These pitch book presentations are sales presentations, that is being presented to the clients or potential clients, to use that specific company’s services. This document contains information about transactions, potential sellers and buyers analysis, company’s valuation and pricing strategies, as well as available risks, that require to be mitigated.

Company / Investor Profiling

Research Volks International is eager to develop companies' and investors' profiles. These profiles will define these agent’s preferences regarding especially to making investment decisions. Profiling mainly includes information about the company’s or investor’s being risk-averse or risk seeker, owning assets, value, growth, and quality of stocks, capitalization, portfolios, investment funds, etc. This document provides a complete understanding of the company’s/investor’s activities and present situation.

Private Placement Memorandums

Our private equity specialists develop private placement memorandums, a legal document, in case, if investors sell stock or another security within a business. Provide document will describe the company’s selling securities, offering terms as well as the risk of the investment.

Preparing Board Materials

Research Volks International provides a complete package of board materials that will save your time, and might be used for other activities. The complete board materials provided by us includes agenda, narrative (including executive summary), minutes from previous meetings, waterfall charts, financial statements, and any other required material.

Corporate Finance Support

Corporate finance activities are highly intensive towards time and work. Corporate finance activities require extensive skilled labor force to organize and update databases, and undertake other required activities. Research Volks International provides the most cost-effective and timely solution to these activities. Our skilled experts will provide corporate finance support, which will save time for the company and raise the effectiveness of activities.

Data Entry Services (Online & Offline)

Research Volks International provides large scale data entry and extraction services, and our data entry agents are available both online and offline. Our data entry services are being provided with 100% accuracy. We always provide service that best matches the client requirements, is always on time and is done based on clients' goals.

Reporting & Automation (Excel/ VBA/ Macros)

Research Volks International will help to automate business processes and reporting activities in the easiest and less costly way. Since reporting is a manual process, that requires quite a lot of documentation, we will automate that process, which will impact on company’s efficiency and business processes' effectiveness. As soon as reporting becomes fully automatic, data becomes information, which can be used in decision-making processes.